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Collectors, preservationists, researchers, educators and history lovers... It's Fun to Search and a Joy to Find
to the Pennsylvania Questers! We are men and women who are interested in collectibles, antiques, the restoration of historic artifacts and sites. . The Peennsylvania Questers have 101 chapters and more than 1600 members. Each chapter has monthly meetings. If you would like to visit, or join a chapter just click on the membership tab on the left.

      The Pennsylvania Questers State Board consists of six executive officers, nine area representatives and eighteen committee chairmen. The Board meets quarterly, sponsors a Fall council meeting for the Chapter Presidents and Program Chairs and hosts an annual Spring Conference in April, open to all Pennsylvania Quester members.

           The Quester Motto:

  "It is fun to search and a Joy to Find"

  State Exec Board   
  Pa State Committee Chairs  and Officers             
  P&R Grants
  Tribute donations
  Bess Bardens Society       
  Spring Conference
  Fund Raising
  Area Representatives
  Nominations for 2013-15
  P & R Ideas
 Secure Documents
Legacy & Outreach
 This Place Matters
  Web Page Editor 
Dates to Remember

February 1 & July 1, annually, Deadline for P's & Q's


September 24, 2013 (Tuesday)

          Fall Council meeting             William Penn Inn 

October 30, 2013    

 Fall Bus trip to 

Moravian Museum and Cemetery

         November 6, 2013                    Bess Bardens Society,   Fall meeting  @ the Spring House Tavern, 1032 Bethlehem Pike Corner of Norristown Rd & Bethlehem Pike, Springhouse, PA 

    April 2, 2014, PA State Annual Spring Conference, Presidential Caterers, Norristown                                                 

       April 25-27, 2014 International   Convention Grand Rapids,  Michigan                                                                     

May 2014, 

Bess Bardens Society meeting    at the William Penn Inn, 1017 DeKalb Pike, Gwynedd, PA

  Future International Conventions                                 

May 1-3, 2015  Princeton                New Jersey